DNS over HTTPS client resolver

Perhaps you are worried about DNS manipulation attacks, or the privacy of your DNS lookups. Eliminating DNS over UDP on your network might be something you want to achieve. This guide shows how to install a DNS resolver on a CentOS 7 system that will forward all your DNS queries to Google via HTTPS. Sounds crazy, but actually the performance was completely reasonable for casual browsing. This tutorial is based around using the code for the https_dns_proxy project Install some required packages; yum install -y git cmake c-ares-devel gcc gcc-c++ libnghttp2-devel pdns-recursor Fetch the latest libcurl source code (7.56.1 at the time of writing) wget Compile libcurl with nghttp2 and ssl support ./configure --with-nghttp2 --with-ssl make sudo make install  Clone the https_dns_proxy code and build it git clone cmake . make Now configure pdns-recursor, I'm just listeni

Creating a Free DDNS Service

Now DNS would not be possible without open source software which we rely heavily on. Our core software stack relies on the following projects; CentOS Apache PHP PostgreSQL PowerDNS BIND NGINX NodeJS Postfix LetsEncrypt We are thankful to al those who contribute to these projects and make them possible! In addition to open source software Now DNS utilises services from the following providers in order to operate OVH Namecheap We recommend all our suppliers as they provide excellent value for money with a high quality of service.

HTTPS enabled URL Shortener

Thanks to free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt  our URL shortening service  now fully supports HTTPS. All existing shortened URLs will automatically by redirected to their HTTPS equivalent.

IPv6 enabled DDNS

From today Now-DNS is providing full IPv6 support for all our DNS services, including; Updates from IPv6 networks will now set the source IPv6 address We continue to support IPv6 for our name servers as we have done since 2016! If you need a free dynamic DNS service that fully supports IPv6 please check out

Howto Setup a Minecraft Server at Home

This simple guide will show you how to run a Minecraft server from home that will allow friends to join your server. It should only take a few minutes to setup by anyone (you don't have to be a network ninja!) Sign up for Free DDNS at Now-DNS and configure an easy to remember hostname from one of our many free domains. The domain was added especially for Minecraft use, it is available in the drop down list. Install the free Windows DDNS client to keep your hostname up to date with you IP address. Download UPnP wizard and install it. Setup port forwarding using UPnP wizard - Start up UPnP Wizard and add a port mapping for TCP port 25565 by clicking the "+" icon. Download Minecraft Server Start the server - Open a cmd prompt. - Change into the directory that you downloaded the minecraft server into. - Launch the server using java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.11.jar nogui . - If this is the first time you have launc

DNS Lookup over HTTP

Did you know that Now DNS provides a simple API to perform DNS lookups over HTTP? Example Query: Results are returned in JSON format making it easy to parse and use in code.

New URL Shortening Service

Now DNS have launched a new URL shortening service URLs are shortened using the easy to remember domain For example this URL; Using the URL shortening service becomes; What would you use the service for? To shorten long urls where you need to save space, such as in tweets or emails. Like our other services its totally free.