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Now-DNS Free Domains

Now-IP currently has 18 free domains that you can register hostnames on. They are;

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Now-DNS What Is My IP?

Now-DNS provides a very simple way to check what your current public IP address is.

From your browser you can simply visit the secure URL

If you would like to check from the command line of a Linux or OSX system this simple curl command will work;
curl If you have no need to use a secure (SSL) session or your environment does not support https you can also use

Now-DNS Free DDNS Update Clients

At Now-DNS we've tried to make it as simple as possible to keep your DDNS domains up to date with your current IP address, whether it be IPv4 or IPv6.
For Windows users we have two simple auto updating clients. Our Updater Client is run by thousands of users every day. The source code for the Updater Client is published on github here if you are interested.

We also publish a simple Powershell updater script that can be scheduled to run periodically to check in and update your IP.

Powershell DDNS update script

For Android users we recommend using Neil Boyd's Dynamic DNS Client. This client works well with Now-IP and is very simple to get working. Linux users (or any *nix) are encouraged to use our API directly using tools such as curl. Updating your IP is as simple as running the following command. curl -u <email>:<password> "<hostname>" You need to replace the following

<email&gt with your Now-DN…